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Location: Aranvayal (Puttalur)

Temple Specialization :

Sri Adi Paul Muneswararwas a guardian deity.Today Sri Adi Paul Muneswarartemple located at once upon a time sound synthesis on convents and worshiped here chitra all on full moon of the year to date synthesis sound synthesis of grace and power of nuns worship together This place Sri AdiPaul Muneswarar in place of Sri SriRajendra Swami told him to set up a temple SriPaul Muneswarartold Sri SriRajendra Swami's childhood by dream Sri Adi Paul Muneswarar tells to build a temple to him in a dream and gave darshan showed tonight that Sri SriRajendra Swami told to his parents about this dream.In out of town,Sri SriRajendra Swami and his parents meet the greatest Siddha. the siddha told that Sri SriRajendra Swami, who is looking for a great divine powersover time,he will raise the biggest temple and he will give grant to the people after long agoThen one day, Sri SriRajendra After completing the work to his homedaily come down to the place where the vehicle will stop daily one day in that place Sri SriRajendra Swami viewingSri Adi Paul Muneswarar were appeared and he Command to build a temple for him due to his command Sri SriRajendra Swami build a Temple for Sri Adi Paul Muneswarar in here Sri SriRajendra SwamiIntroduce a grant to the people. The temple was consecrated in the year on full moon Chitra.So Usually held in the temple of Sri AdiMuneswararNew shrineSwamy to develop and offer new piratitsaiThe temple five hundred-year-old is talavirutcakamtamarind tree Read More